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These valuable online physio workshops were designed for those who are time poor, do not have access to good physiotherapy services or may find that physiotherapy is currently out of their budget.  

Pregnancy Stretches Workshop

Some of the most common complaints during pregnancy are lower back pain, pelvic pain and "sciatica".  

In this online workshop you'll learn a series of stretches which will help you to alleviate pregnancy related back pain so that you can sleep better, walk better and have more energy to enjoy the journey of carrying your new baby.

$79 AUD

Coming Soon

Beginners strength (1)
How to massage yourself (1)
Prenatal pilates (1)

Hi I'm Jules!

I'm a musculoskeletal physiotherapist & I'll be your instructor for the above workshops!

15 years clinical experience

Helping everyday women (& men) restore their physical bodies

Currently keeping fit & active during while raising a newborn

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