Frequently Asked Questions

How many physiotherapy sessions will I need?

Every injury is different, but for basic injuries and conditions most clients require 6-8 visits on average for a complete recovery.  This ensures that we cover all basis including manual therapy, stretches, strength exercises, balance training and a consolidated home exercise program.  It also depends on how much work you put into your physiotherapy rehabilitation e.g. the amount of time you invest into your prescribed home exercise program.

Post-surgery rehabilitation often can require more sessions depending on the nature of the surgery.


Physiotherapy is too expensive.

People spend more money and time servicing their cars than they do on their own body.  Addressing your musculoskeletal injuries as they arise will not only prevent more costly interventions such as surgery down the road, it will also ensure that you have the healthiest and best performing body possible in order to present your best-self to your family, your work and other endeavours and opportunities that life may present to you.  If you are really struggling to afford regular physiotherapy visits, consider coming on a fortnightly basis instead and make sure that you perform your exercises diligently to gain the best possible outcomes.


Physiotherapy is too painful & I'm afraid of pain.  

I am trained in the Mulligan Technique whose motto is:  "painfree, immediate and long lasting effects."  When the Mulligan Technique is applied to stiff or malfunctioning joints it is pain-free, yet effectively restores your movement immediately.

Sometimes soft-tissue massage can be painful due to tension and knots, however you are always welcome to request lighter or stronger pressure.  My goal is to make treatment as comfortable as possible for you - kind of like a spa treatment.


I've left my injury for too long & am embarrassed to book an appointment.

No worries!  I've had a handful of patients who have suffered back pain for more than 20 years!  The worst was a war veteran who had a back injury for more than 30 years from jumping out of a helicopter and he didn't know that it could be treated.  I am pleased to say that he is now a lot better and is glad that he went ahead with physiotherapy treatment.  I believe that it is never too late to start and there is always room for improvement.


Are you covered by my health fund & do you offer EFTPOS payments?

We offer EFTPOS payments through secure Square point-of-sales.

If you have physiotherapy extras cover with your health insurance, you will be able to claim back some of your costs.  Please contact your health insurance for specific rebate amounts as each health insurance company is different.


I just want a quick fix.

Perhaps you can prove me wrong, but there are no true quick fixes.  Long lasting results require time & attention from both the therapist and client.  On average most clients require 6-8 physiotherapy consultations over the span of 6 - 12 weeks to fully resolve their injury or condition.  Basic, straight forward conditions may only require 1-3 visits, while post-surgery and chronic injury clients will often require more time and attention.

I've tried physiotherapy before & it didn't work.

There are multiple reasons why physiotherapy may not have worked for you in the past and they may include an inaccurate diagnosis & / or assessment, no prescription or wrong prescription of rehabilitation exercises, passive treatment approach using mainly machines, massage and heat therapy when an active approach was indicated.

At Jules Physio, I pride myself in performing a thorough initial assessment by taking your medical history, measurements and articulating a rehabilitation plan involving S.M.A.R.T goals.  Each rehabilitation program is catered toward each individual client to ensure that you get the results that you seek.  If progress plateaus or I have suspicion that physiotherapy is not the right mode of treatment for you, then I will refer you to your general practitioner for further investigations which may involve a blood test, x-ray or MRI scan.


I just don't have the time!

At Jules Physio, I value your time and I am 99% punctual and run on time.  I also offer weekend appointments & home visits at a premium rate for those who absolutely have no time.

Unfortunately an excuse that I hear from time to time is that some clients do not have the time to exercise.  In order to achieve optimal health, you'll need to invest some time into regular physical exercise.  I will provide you with a clear action plan and exercise sheet for you to perform regularly at home in order to recover from your condition.

I would like to gently remind you that if you ignore your injuries for long enough, they may require a lot more physiotherapy sessions later on or even surgery and you may be out of action for months!  No one has the time or patience for that!

Do I need a doctor's referral?

No. However, I may refer you to your general practitioner if I think you require further investigations such as blood tests, scans or a specialist's opinion.


But I don't want to do any exercise.

I'm afraid that there is no way to avoid exercise if you truly want to get better. Our bodies were built to move and muscles and bones will not get strong by themselves. Nor will you achieve flexibility without practicing stretches. If you are new to exercise I will introduce some basic and gentle exercises to warm you up to a graded home exercise program. Exercise does not have to be intimidating and it is never to late to start.


I'm not in pain, I just can't (insert activity).

Physiotherapy is not only about eliminating pain.  In fact, physiotherapists are best known for correcting movement patterns and enhancing performance. I have helped several ballet dancers achieve better plantar flexion for pointe, I have helped a kick boxer achieve a better round house kick by improving his hip flexibility and core strength and I even once helped an avid gym-goer improve her hip range so that she could do front splits, simply because that was her goal. Our initial consultation is all about thorough measurements, formulating goals and helping you to achieve them.

Here's a free physiotherapy exercise sheet

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